Sydney Remedial Massage is a boutique clinic located in the heart of Sydney's CBD.

Located at Martin Place, we are a Sydney CBD sports, pregnancy & remedial massage clinic.

Our central location is easily accessible by public transport.

Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Town Hall, Martin Place and Wynyard train stations are all within quick walking distance.

With two parking stations nearby also available, we invite you to spend some time with us to relax and rejuvenate yourself today.

Established since 2009, we started from very humble beginnings...

"I started Sydney Remedial Massage in a very, very tiny room. It was located within a gym at Martin Place, sandwiched between the men's room and the weights room...."

We specialise in sport, pregnancy & remedial massage services in Sydney's CBD. We also offer kinesiology, jaw release and stress management treatments for our clients.

We are a happy and friendly bunch, and although we are serious about the work that we do, we really just like to have a laugh and joke around.


Why choose Sydney Remedial Massage?

Apart from the fact that all of our therapists are fully qualified and highly experienced, it's because we listen to our clients.

We take our time to hear what you're saying so that we can understand what you need and what outcome you desire.

For example - a client come in presenting with lower back pain.

As therapists, we realise that it's not just about the pain.

It's about you not being able to play with the kids on the weekend, or not being able to achieve your personal best at the next big sports meet.

It's about how the pain impacts on your ability to concentrate at work and all of your relationships with your colleagues, family and friends.

And the results speak for themselves - check out what some of our clients are saying about us.

Our aim at Sydney Remedial Massage is to make sure that you are provided with the best treatment possible.

All of our sessions are specifically tailored to each individual client's needs.

We do this by making sure that we undertake a through client case history through our client information sheet. This is followed by a physical assessment of your posture and/or the presenting injury or complaint.

Following the end of your treatment, in most cases the therapist will suggest follow up exercises and/or a follow up treatment. This is so that we can evaluate if the remedial massage is the right treatment for you. We care about you and want to know how you're going.

We may also talk to you and offer suggestions on what else you can do, take or change to help you get the most out of our session with us.

We have a great network of referral partners and are not afraid to refer you on when needed. This is to ensure that you receive the best possible care, for your health and well-being.

It's important to understand that remedial massage works best as a pro-active health strategy, rather than just a reactive one.


Who Are We?

Our company values are simple.

We pride ourselves on:

  • Professionalism
  • Excellence in customer service and
  • Continual education so that we are able better able to serve your needs.


Our Vision

To help our friends, family and the greater society to enjoy and maintain a more sustainable, higher quality of life, through natural therapies.


Mission Statement

We strive to assist and encourage our clients towards self-responsibility.  We do this in a holistic manner by providing mental, emotional, physical and educational knowledge and support with respect to their health and well-being.

About Our Logo

Our logo is based on a plant found in the Sydney region. It's scientific name is cissus hypoglauca and it's more commonly known as the 'Native Grape' or 'Five Leaf Water Vine'.

It grows very quickly and connects effortlessly and easily with other plants. Thereby allowing for it to provide ample food and shelter for many native birds and small animals.

It produces clusters of purplish-blue berries which can be eaten raw and the sap that collects in the woody sections of the plant can be drunk as water.


Five leaf water vine - inspiration for the Sydney Remedial Massage logo

Five leaf water vine

Being that it is found in Sydney, this special plant would have energized many an Aboriginal from the Cadigal, Wangal and Eora clans.

We chose it for our logo because at Sydney Remedial Massage our aim is to help you to relax and re-energize with every visit.

And because we are dedicated making sure that we connect with our clients to make sure that we can provide you with the best possible service.

You will notice that our logo has five leaves.

This is because we have five vital components to our bodies.

These are the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects with regards to our health and well-being.

Upon closer inspection, observe how each leaf has one side that is segmented and one that is whole.

This is aligned with what we do at Sydney Remedial Massage.

Because even though we may treat specific parts of the body, whether it be for injury or relaxation, our aim is to address the body as a whole, in a holistic manner.


Sydney Remedial Massage - Sydney CBD sports, pregnancy & remedial massage clinic

Meet Melanie

Melanie Yeoh is an accomplished holistic health therapist who built her business from scratch to a bustling clinic of six therapists in the centre of Sydney’s CBD. Following the unprecedented and extraordinary year of 2020, she has transformed her business and now also offers sessions to clients locally, interstate in Australia and internationally as a neuro-kinesiologist and transformation coach.

However, it wasn't always this way. Coming from a family of doctors and nurses, Melanie initially chose to study science and after graduating from the University of Wollongong with honours, she promptly started her career as a biomedical scientist working in spinal cord injury research. The major turning point for her career change occurred in 2003, when she met former Superman Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed from the neck down. When she was introduced to him and she realised that she was unable to shake his hand, an intense feeling of empathy came over her. She thought to herself, what must it be like to live in world where you couldn’t touch or feel? Imagine not being able to hug someone you loved, and to miss out on doing all the things you took for granted?

In that moment, knowing that she was completely unfilled by her current career, she could see beyond a shadow of a doubt that she needed to take drastic action, so she enrolled in a Certificate IV in Remedial Massage Therapy.

Little did she know that this choice would alter her life path forever.

After travelling and living overseas for a few years, in 2009, Melanie established Sydney Remedial Massage. But, while she loved what she was doing, and the freedom of being her own boss, she realised this choice came with great responsibility and long hours, as she was now solely responsible for her entire income.

In her second year of business, she became so stressed that her body broke out in a hideously scaly and peeling skin condition, known as psoriasis. It covered her hands and elbows and impacted her confidence and self-esteem. Her usually cheerful demeanour became subdued, but most of all, she lost her ability to conduct her work effectively, which took the joy out of what she'd always loved doing.

With the benefit of hindsight, she jokingly calls herself, “the most stressed-out massage therapist she ever knew”. However, this challenge gave her the opportunity to meet a kinesiologist, an encounter that spun her life into yet another direction.

Within one session she noticed that her skin had improved significantly. These incredible results led Melanie to dedicate her life to learning and sharing her knowledge of how energy medicine and modern science can meld together to create lasting transformation in anyone.

Melanie Yeoh

Through her personal life experiences, Melanie has been driven by her hunger for knowledge surrounding energy medicine, personal development and transformation, and this journey has seen her:

  • featured in the Sydney Morning Herald as one of the top five massage clinics
  • qualify in five different kinesiology modalities
  • become a internationally recognised and qualified results coach
  • get attuned as a Reiki practitioner and
  • develop her signature Release to Regenerate eight-week program as well as her TMJ Jaw Release Program. 


Today, Melanie loves helping busy executives and business owners to tune into their own bodies and release the subconscious habits, beliefs and fears that hold them back from their highest potential.

Having conducted over 10,000, one-on-one sessions, Melanie is not only an empathic and intuitive healer, she's also a very grounded and pragmatic therapist. Whether you’re someone who's new to energy medicine or an experienced healer yourself, Melanie can help you to discover, unearth and connect on a deep level with your innermost being and bring more alignment and balance into your life.

Melanie’s mission in life is to help raise human consciousness and allow more people to exist in a space of empowered alignment, living a life in flow, with, ease and abundance.

When she's not helping people transform their lives or working on her own personal transformation journey, Melanie enjoys golf, yoga, travelling, being in nature and cooking.


"A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession."

~ Hippocrates

Online Telehealth Appointments available for Coaching or Kinesiology