Feedback from some of our clients:

That was probably one of the best massages I probably have ever had. The pressure was just right and all the right areas were worked on. Looking forward to my next massage.

Simone Bastas, Brighton-Le-Sands, NSW


Mel is a very competent, attentive and knowledgeable masseuse whose attention to what I required was evident in the result I received. I would recommend Mel for all massage needs.

Dave Diggle, Cronulla, NSW


Melanie has a great depth of knowledge and a very soothing touch. A great experience.

David Giles, Paddington, NSW


Melanie was very professional, friendly and easy to communicate with and made you feel at ease. Very relaxing atmosphere.

Gwendolyn Brown, Merrylands, NSW


I have a close family member with over 25 years experience in massage. Having moved away I have since struggled to find a massage therapist who has both a good combination of skills and that genuine 'feel' a top therapist should have.

Initially I saw Adam because I had injured myself and needed help but I now see him regularly to just keep things in check.

So while I was lucky enough to stumble upon Adam I am very comfortable in recommending him as a stand out practioner with a great range of skills but also the ability / intuition to vary them for a superior experience / outcome visit to visit.

Phillip Allen, Sydney, NSW


First time I had a massage from Mel, she was gentle around the sore spots. Overall a great massage and it was so good, I've booked my next one!

Deborah Power, Spring Hill, QLD

I recently attended Sydney Remedial Massage after my wife arranged an appointment for me (obviously she was getting sick of me whingeing about my tight shoulders and back!!). Over the years I have had massages from a wide variety of practitioners however I can confidently say the treatment I received from Melanie far exceeded my expectations. As a first time patient, my initial impressions were very favourable – both the friendly welcome and the well appointed facilities. In the treatment itself, Melanie took the time to clearly understand my requirements and proceeded to address these exactly as agreed. Her technique was firm (I was expecting a remedial massage after all) but always within my level of comfort. As a result I felt completely relaxed and confident in her ability. Would I go again ... I have already booked my next session!

Lindsay Munns, Crows Nest, NSW


Melanie is a skilled practitioner whose personable manner puts you right at ease and allows you to completely relax and unwind as she expertly manipulates tired muscles. I thoroughly enjoy my massage sessions and look forward to my next one with great anticipation.

Rick Williams, St. Peters, NSW


I felt comfortable straight away with Melanie. She put so much time and attention into getting really clear on what I wanted and then followed through. She gave me a really fantastic massage and went above and beyond to make sure I got everything I needed out of the hour.

Carmel Mason, Chatswood, NSW


Very approachable and friendly, I felt comfortable the entire time. Thank you for your attentive service 🙂 Happy to return.

Anne Yang, Randwick, NSW


Like any industry, the service providers who stand out from the crowd are those who focus on communication with their clients. This certainly describes Melanie's relationship with her clients. Being able to clearly identify clients’ needs and effectively follow up with them has been my experience with Melanie.

Grant McKay, Bondi Junction, NSW

Reviews from some of our sports massage clients...

I am an avid cyclist primary focussed on endurance events and often ride more than 200k per week in training.

As such my body feels the pain of sore muscles and lower back stiffness.

I began to see Adam at the beginning of 2013 as I was starting a new regimine of training in preparation for a tour I'll be completing in May, following the giro d'italia.

Adam was quick to identify some of my long term ailments and put his hands to work kneeding out those stuborn knots.

All in all, Adam is a good listen and when I can't take the pain he subjects me to - he will back it off - just enough for me to catch my breath so he can start all over again.

If you are looking for someone who knows how to do a serious deep tissue/ sports massage, then go see Adam.

Jeanette Patamia


I am a heavy weight lifter and find myself in pain 24 hours after sessions. For the past two weeks I have visited Mel twice and both times have found my pain to have disappeared as soon as I walk out of her room. As I have a low tolerance to deep tissue massage Mel has easily adjusted her technique to make me feel comfortable without losing the benefits. I will continue to see Mel once a week to help relieve pain which will help me continue to lift heavy weights 6 days a week. Thanks Mel.

Mets Carson, Elizabeth Bay, NSW


I came to see Mel as I was experiencing a lot of tension in both my upper back and in the right side of my neck. As a personal trainer I am very active and this tension causes considerable discomfort. I requested a firm massage to release the many knots and tightness. Mel focused her massage on these areas and the relief was incredible. Mel was professional and the level of service was unrivalled. I thoroughly recommend you see Mel for any aches or pains or if you would like to feel total relaxation.

Daniel Henderson, Maroubra, NSW


Before I went to see Mel, I wasn't sure if she was going to be up to the task as my legs had been doing 6 km runs (4 min 20 second) Not bad for an old guy. Anyway she was amazing and had me close to tears several times. My legs were indeed jello the next day - she did an amazing job.

Fredric Michael Kakish, Coogee, NSW

As well as always enjoying a blissful massage experience hosted by Mel of Sydney Remedial Massage, I was recently left frustrated with a recurring sports injury and after just a few remedial therapies, I returned to my sport fit again. Thanks so much Mel, you’re a ‘Massage Angel’ and I highly recommend you!

Roger Vertannes, Wareemba, NSW


I started visiting Adam whilst training to complete a half marathon. During my training I sustained an injury to my ankle. Thanks to Adam's expertise I was able to complete the event and achieve my goal time.

Alex Gorrod


Adam provided comprehensive remedial massage services for me in the lead up to the NorthFace 100 in May 2013. What impressed me about Adam was the question he asked at the beginning of our sessions...what do you want to achieve in today's session and at the end of each session he would ask me have we achieved the results you were looking for.

It is this sort of professionalism that puts the service that Adam provides above and beyond other massage providers in the market.

John Kaleski, Sydney, NSW


Adam is an experienced massage therapist who provides a personal and professional service that delivers immediate results.

When I encountered several issues in the weeks leading up to a road marathon Adam did an exceptional job each time of getting me back up and running the following day, without any of the usual post-massage limitations.

I have no hesitation in recommending Adam, and already have to a number of people.

Anthony Gray, Melbourne, VIC


Adam is an affable and highly skilled masseur. As an avid triathlete who has had every injury under the sun, Adam has been able to alleviate every knot and or pull. I highly recommend Adam and his practice.

Katie Budd

Reviews from some of our pregnancy massage clients...

Just wanted to let you and Sandra know baby Ziggie arrived on Saturday night!!! Birth was a bliss and couldn't more in love.

I am sure the massage [on Friday morning] was a big help as I started labour very peacefully on Friday night.

Marie Gallien, Sydney, NSW

Melanie is a great therapist and a very friendly happy person who obviously enjoys what she does.

I have received massages during pregnancy and before and both were exceptional.

Jannie Dermody, Bondi Junction, NSW

Reviews from some of our clients suffering from pain...

I was referred to Sydney Remedial Massage because I couldn't sit down, stand up, or lie down due to a very sore back. Following the massage, I am pleased that I could again feel normal and I had a wonderful night sleep last night for which I am very grateful. I would definately recommend Sydney Remedial Massage to my friends and family.

Chris Birch, Picnic Point, NSW


Thank you so much for seeing me on short notice! I was in heaps of pain and you fixed me. Thank you!

Catherine Severino-Roberts, Earlwood, NSW


I can highly recommend Melanie for a massage. She's friendly, professional and really focused on meeting her client's expectations. I went to her in constant pain from a pinched nerve in my neck and huge knots in my back. After every massage I have with Melanie I'm left feeling relaxed and in less pain than before and I'm now completely pain-free.

Daniel Cheetham, Marrickville, NSW

It's great to be able to talk about my problem areas and get an understanding of the cause as well as some advice on what I can do between visits. The location and the price make it convenient for me to visit frequently!

Janet Horton, Newtown, NSW


After suffering some back pain from a small car accident, I visited Melanie for treatment. She had me walking out within an hour with next to no pain and feeling very relaxed. Many Thanks.

Peter Hatzidimitriou, Wollstonecraft, NSW


Mel is fantastic! I went to her with back and neck problems resulting from a previous injury – she asked all the right questions, is obviously very well educated and was happy to work in with other health professionals for my ongoing care. She is professional, caring and extremely competent. I left feeling relaxed and pain free. I would highly recommend Mel for anything from a relaxing massage to a more complex problem.

Dr Jo Rush, Queens Park, NSW

Reviews from some of our clients suffering from stress...

Mel, I would like to thank you for a superb massage I received from you a couple of weeks ago.

As you know I had an extremely busy and hectic week with my muscles tightening by the second and therefore needing your urgent attention!

As the hour progressed I went into a deep sense of relaxation almost to the point of sleeping and managed to completely switch off which was an amazing feeling considering how cluttered my head was prior to arriving.

The tension was relieved almost immediately allowing me to enjoy the benefits continuing for days after with a much clearer mindset and overall sense of well-being.

I won’t have any hesitation recommending you to colleagues, friends or family and many thanks again.

Michelle Kerr, Newtown, NSW


As a business owner I spend well over 40 hours per week at my desk.

I have been seeing Melanie for back and neck massages to reduce the back and neck tension and I highly recommend her services particularly to professionals in the Sydney CBD area. Reducing muscle tension allows me to be more relaxed and productive. Thanks Mel.

Daniel Di Iorio, North Bondi, NSW

As an accountant, I find myself working at a desk for long hours – attending to paperwork or on the computer. This results in my neck & shoulder muscles getting very tight & knotted. I went to see Mel and she gave me a remedial massage and worked particularly on the neck & shoulder areas. Not only did her firm pressure give me much relief to my tense muscles but the overall massage left me very relaxed & refreshed.

Lyn Corby, Potts Point , NSW


I am a person who is always on the go and doesn't relax very easily. During my massage with Mel, I felt nurtured and totally relaxed. Mel's communication and massage skills are brilliant. She knows what she is doing and I definitely recommend her massage to everyone who is looking for a professional in this field!

Marketa Dlouha, Dover Heights, NSW


Melanie took my daily stresses away easily and without a fuss. From my uptight shoulders to my sore legs, I actually think I feel asleep whilst on the massage table. She is perfectly placed in the Sydney CBD to help remove all those corporate worries. I highly recommend Mel.

Ben Hughes, Bondi, NSW

Compliments from some of our colleagues...

Adam is a very good communicator, which is fundamental for a successful relationship with his clients.

His skills are well-known within the clinical team, making referral easy and reliable. I could be assured that my clients would be in great hands under Adam's care.

Laura Rabjohns, Podiatrist, Sydney, NSW


Adam and I worked together at the Sheraton Hotel for a few years.

His sunny personality and incredible talent with his hands made him very easy to work with. And don't forget his wonderful singing ability which entertained us often at staff get togethers.

If you are in Sydney, down- under, do look him up. He will relieve your pain and relax you until you are feeling 100% better. Keep up the good work Ads, you are never forgotten.

Avi Bradley

I have met Melanie on a number of occasions and have been struck by her professionalism and passion for her work. She is a dynamic and compassionate massage therapist who is committed to make a difference to her clients through her massage therapy.

Rosa Ghidella, Haberfield, NSW


As a fellow massage therapist but perpetually disappointed massage client, I visited Mel (on recommendation), hoping this massage would be 'the one', but fearing it would be mediocre like all the rest. Happily, she proved me wrong!

Mel's obvious anatomical knowledge and confident hands eradicated my aches and pains with pinpoint precision which lasted until my next treatment. Being in my third trimester of pregnancy, I trust her professional ability enough to simply sink into her treatment couch and relax. Bliss.

Lisa York, Chatswood, NSW