Unfortunately, because of COVID, the clinic is currently closed for face-to-face appointments.

I appreciate that the past couple of years may have been stressful for you....

And that you would love a good massage to help ease the stress and pain.

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, our clinic is currently closed.

However, we know that more often than not, while many physical aches can be soothed by massage (including TMJ issues), the underlying cause of stress is often a direct result of unprocessed mental or emotional turmoil.

The impact of COVID has been tremendous.... and the uncertainty and fear that come with it is one of the leading reasons why stress and anxiety rates are on the rise.

And when left unchecked, your fear, stress or anxiety can impact your physical body even more...

The good news is, at Sydney Remedial Massage, we help our clients heal from within.

We help you to untangle the unconscious mental stresses and emotional blocks that may be causing your body to feel tight and knotty right now.

What that means, is that when you are able to relax your state of mind, your body will also relax.

What that really means, is that you can start to see improvements in your mood, your relationships, your communication with others and your overall happiness and inner peace.

If you’d like to learn how you can reduce your physical / mental / emotional stress or anxiety levels, then I invite you to book a time to see if the 8-Week Breakthrough Program is a fit for you.

"Know thyself and you will win all battles." - Lao Tzu